Hey y'all - I'm Tinisha &+ welcome to my little corner of the internet.  After many failed attempts at blogging, I'm back at it again &+ hopefully for good this time.  Blogging has been an on and off thing for me for years.  I never knew what direction I wanted to take my blog &+ was too focused on trying to make it perfect &+ compete with other bloggers.  Truth is, I need this blog more than it needs me.  I need a space where I can let my hair down from the chaotic thing we call reality.  I need to be here for myself &+ no one else.

See, I've been dealing with mental illness for practically my entire life.  I have been clinically diagnosed with severe anxiety, bipolar, &+ depression.  I've been on almost every medication short of controlled substances for it all.  I spent three years of my life so paralyzed from mental illness that I wouldn't even leave the house unless I absolutely had to.  I got sick of that life, forced myself out of my comfort zone, &+ got back on my own two feet.  I came up with the idea to document my life as it evolves around my mental illnesses for myself &+ in hopes that maybe I can reassure others like me that they are not alone.

And so Young &+ the Reckless blog was born.

Moving forward now (as I'm sure you want to get to know a little about me) -

I'm in my mid-twenties &+ share a home with my boyfriend of 7+ years, Jason &+ our three fur babies - Isabelle &+ Simba [[cats]] &+ Rebel [[dog]].

^^ This is the house that Jason &+ I just purchased May of 2017 ^^

^^ Meet Isabelle &+ Simba ^^

^^ Meet Rebel ^^

I still have yet to take a proper picture of Jason as he doesn't like having his picture taken.

Anyway, I currently work full-time at the Walgreen's Distribution Center as a picker.  Basically, I pick store orders &+ get them ready to be shipped to their retail locations.  While it's not my ideal job, it gets me by until I find my life-long career.

In my free time, I enjoy blogging, listening to rock music, &+ gaming.  Most of the time I'm an introvert, but I do have my moments where my extrovert slips out.  I'm not really sure what else to mention about myself at this current moment in time, but I'm sure as you follow my blog, you will learn more and more about me.

So, grab a cold one &+ stay awhile, will ya? :)

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