Sunday, August 20, 2017


So far, I've had a decent weekend with a few moody setbacks, but overall, not too bad.  When I got off of work Friday morning, Jason and I took Rebel up to the Civic Center for a few minutes while it wasn't too hot out.  We seen a lot of ducks and I even took him for a walk around the playground.  We have plans of taking him up there every so often.

And this little guy was just chilling on the bench in the!

It has been a very hot weekend to say the least.  After we got back from the park, I came home and thawed out the hot dogs and made a macaroni salad for a little cookout that Jason, his parents and I had.  We had cheese burgers, kielbasa, hot dogs, macaroni salad, and potato salad. 

Waaay too hot for comfort!  All I have to say is that I'm so completely grateful that I have a car with working air conditioning now because I'd never make it with my medical problems in the heat now.

I go into work tonight and then I have Monday night out of work seeing as how they switched my day off from work from Tuesday nights to Monday nights.  I was looking forward to having Halloween night out of work which is a Tuesday night, but I do have this Monday night off which is when the solar eclipse is happening, so at least I don't have to worry about trying to get into work with all the crazies out on the road because instead, I'll be one of those crazies!

I'm kind of looking forward to the solar eclipse - I just hope it's not going to be cloudy like they are projecting.  I purchased our solar eclipse glasses a head of time to make sure that we would have them by the time the event took place.  However, my job did give me a free pair of them the other night at work, so I have an extra pair.  I wanted to make sure that I purchased glasses that were certified safe for your eyes because apparently they were giving away/selling ones that were fake.

The three bits of information circled in this example are what you need to look for in order to make sure that the glasses are legit for viewing the solar eclipse, but also the symbol at the bottom right corner of the example too is something else you could look for, the:

If your glasses do not have the above information on them or a information leaflet that doesn't have this information included with the glasses, I wouldn't take the chance trying to view the solar eclipse with them as doing so could do significant damage to your eyes that is not reversible. 

Anyway, other than that, I've been trying to work on my bad behavior, but I did have a few slip-ups this weekend.  I'm trying...

Hopefully I get a response soon on whether or not I've been accepted to that mental health clinic or if they are going to refer me out or what.  I do have an appointment with my general doctor on the 29th of this month, so we will see what he has to say too...

I'm just going to relax today before I have to go to work.  Hopefully I get put on an easy station tonight as Thursday night was a difficult station as well as a difficult night for me.

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