Thursday, August 3, 2017


I hope everyone is doing well today!  It's been a long time coming &+ even though I still have a couple of things to tweak, my blog has officially been born today. 

I've classified myself as a life-style blogger as I will post a little bit about everything.  And so my musings and ramblings begin.  I'm sleepy, but I am well today.  I have to get ready for work soon.  Just have to get through tonight &+ then the weekend will be upon me.  I have plans of getting some food in the house, cleaning up around said house, working on my blog a bit more &+ enjoying the weekend with my boyfriend.  I don't see the point in doing an actual blog post today.  Tomorrow shall start anew.

Here is a lovely picture of grumpy cat to get you through until my next post:

I hope everyone has a great evening.

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