Thursday, August 17, 2017


Tuesday morning after I got off from work, I went for my mental health evaluation at the Anderson Mental Health Clinic at 8:30 a.m.  I didn't realize how long and thorough this one would be.  See, I've been for an evaluation there before, but when you end up going back for another evaluation, the next one is much more in-depth and lengthy.  My first appointment probably lasted me twenty to thirty minutes - this appointment was about three and a half hours and a lot more questions than my last visit there.

Every mental health question you could think of, they asked it.  I was suppose to have a little cookout with Jason and his parents afterwards as it was my day off, but I was so exhausted and overwhelmed from work and my appointment that I just went to bed.

I'm genuinely proud of myself - I ended up letting a lot out at that appointment.  After my appointment, I called my general doctor and gave him an update on how that appointment went.  He wants to see me at the end of the month.  I told him how the counselor asked me my thoughts about being on "benzo's" aka Xanax as I have been on just about everything for mental illness short of a controlled substance.  I told her that I'm not completely close-minded to the idea, but I'm kind of anxious to see what my doctor thinks about the idea.  I definitely don't want something I could get addicted to or something that will make me feel like crap, so I would definitely want to start off at a low dose and go from there.  At this rate, there isn't really anything that I'm not willing to try.

I'm also proud of the fact that I'm making a genuine effort to stay at work.  I'm really working hard to get hired in.  I think that I genuinely like where I work - I like the people, the environment, the work, and the pay within three years time is suppose to be amazing at about $17 an hour to put things in a tote...I still can't believe it.

The next day, we took Rebel back to Petsmart, returned some things and got more things.  Haha.  If our fur babies are not spoiled, I don't know who is.  

We needed toys that he wasn't going to tear apart.  Though he is a small dog, apparently he can do some damage.  We bought him these tiny tennis balls that he could fit in his mouth and he tore every single one of them up!  I had to throw them all out because he had bits and pieces all around the house.

He loves his PBnanas the most out of all of these, but all of these dog treats are holistic and very expensive.  We started the cats on holistic food as well and we also bought them some holistic treats, so everyone is eating better.  

Rebel's flea and heart-worm treatment was due, so after we got back from Petsmart, I gave him a bath and applied the treatment.

Work wasn't too bad last night.  I ended up having break by myself because both of the girls that I sit with on break went home sick.  Cierra was really sick.  We walked into work together and everything seemed fine.  When we got upstairs and was in the middle of our meeting, she just started keeling over the nearest station and sweating really bad.  They let her go home, but it kind of irritated me that no one walked with her to the front as she looked like she could have passed out.  I wasn't impressed, especially with a facility that is so big on safety.

I'm so entirely ready for the weekend.  I'm tired, sore and ready to relax.  Hopefully tonight doesn't go by too slow and it's another decent night like last night. :)

One can only hope.

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