Friday, August 11, 2017


Can't you tell that I'm in such a lovely mood?  I'm just in a very uncomfortable mood right now.  You ever feel like you have a million things to do and you know the more you let those things go, the more they just keep piling up?  Yep, that's what I'm going through at the minute plus not feeling good and it's just making me feel worse.

I left work early Wednesday night because I had a wicked migraine and I was drenched in sweat.  I don't know what the hell is going on with my health at this current minute in time, but all I know is that someone better figure it the HELL out and quick!  I'm just so beyond aggravated honestly.

I texted my temp agency boss to let her know what I was going through and that I would be out of work tonight too which would then lead me into my days off for the weekend.  I explained to her what was going on and told her that I would get a hold of the doctor.  Well, when you call the doctors - of course you get this long list of options.  "Press one" for this, "Press two" for that kinda bullshit.  So anyway, you have the option to leave a voicemail for the doctor's nurse and they will get back to you or actually talk to a receptionist to potentially schedule an appointment.  I didn't want to leave a voicemail because I needed a prompt answer on what to do with there only being one day left to the work week and everything being closed on the weekends.  Because lord only knows that I'm sure as hell not going back into work feeling this way.

So what does the receptionist do?  She transfers me over to the nurse's voicemail anyway and sure enough, they never got back to me today.  How fucking annoying is that?

Think I'm slowly going to get back into gaming.  I haven't really gamed much since I had my little incident with my "ex-guy friend".  He's the one that actually introduced me to gaming which is why I think it's so difficult for me to go back to it because of all the memories.

I also engaged in more toxic behavior today.  I told myself I would stop.  I promised myself I would...

Why does something that should be so simple seem so hard?

My thoughts for this blog post are just scattered everywhere. =\

I think I might make myself feel better today and work on getting my spare room a little more organized.  I've been wanting to do that.  Jason and I don't have much money this week and probably not next week either as I'm out of work these past two days sick, but maybe he will want to get food out on his night off Saturday night.  I have plans of making some BBQ spareribs tonight for dinner with some corn and maybe...rice or potatoes (if they are still good).

I think I may need to lay down for a little.  My migraines are starting to come back again.

I'll post some more later... 

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